Saturday, August 19, 2017

My Weekly Reflection: 13 - 18 August 2017

MY WEEKLY REFLECTION (13 - 18 August 2017):

I have Created My reflection on a Google Draw, just to share it with others.
My Weekly Reflection is what I have learnt and my struggles I need to achieve.
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The Magnificent Titles of Mary!! By Lusia Pahulu

The Magnificent Titles of Mary,

I created a Digital Learning Object (DLO) to show the beautiful and magnificent titles of Mary.
The reason why I created a DLO was because on Tuesday the 14th of August,
it was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. We had a mass at school to share our love for Mary's Special day at St Pius X School.
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Researching the Zoo Website.....

Researching The Zoo Site....

My main focus in Inquiry is The Zoo. Before I researched their site, I wondered what I needed to know about the Zoo, Like what I didn't know or how they do it. After that, I went on their site to see what there were doing and look for information that provided questions. Here is a DLO of information I found.
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Helping our Classroom, School & the Community to be Germ Free....

Here is my Aiga's Presentation,

Mary Mackillop aiga and I were discussing a way to share our school at our learning assembly,
We discuss to talk about Health. We agreed to do a presentation and say what are ways to be germ-free!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Starbucks Report writing Illustration By Lusia Pahulu

Equivalent Fractions......... + - X By Lusia

Good Afternoon,
My group and I have been working on Fractions. I have been working on Maths is Fun and Mathletics to worm on Equivalent Fractions. I know I understand it, and I have the support in my evidence.
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My GOAL is to: 

Find equivalent fractions by splitting, e.g. = , by splitting each quarter into fifths.

My Response to the Lectio Divina Living Prayer! By: Lusia Pahulu

My Aiga and I have created a DLO to show our responses.
I was responding to the holy gospel according to Matthew. Some learners in my Aiga wrote a prayer to the Lord to bless them and to help them through their learning.
LEARN: To Listen to the Lectio Divina scripture and to share my responses.