Friday, September 15, 2017

Information about Martin Luther King Jr............. By Lusia & Samiuela


Our focus was on social justice & about our rights! Our teacher told us to look and find information about a man named Martin Luther King Jr! My buddy (Samiuela) and I researched about where he come from, what made in famous, when was he born and more! We created an information board to put our understanding about who he really is! ENJOY!!!
(Click on the Information Board for a much better view)

Solving Math problems Ft Samiuela & Mrs Deeney

Mrs Deeney, Samiuela and I was working on solving fractions. We were going through some of the problems and discussing what the problem is telling us and how can we solve it. Here is one of the problems me and Samiuela did! 
(Click on the DLO for a good view)

Garden Project.... By Lusia Pahulu


In inquiry we are focusing on creatures in the Zoo & Plants. We got an opportunity to grow veggies outside and inside! I planted carrots outside, and planted, Peas, Tomatoes and lettuce for inside.
Here is my presentation that I created and researched about!

Social Justice Week - By Lusia Pahulu & Samiuela

This week was Social Justice week,  We read the parable of the good samaritan, and reflect what has jesus taught us in this parable.  We created this to show what is Justice and Away we show social justice.

What is Poverty illustration......... by Lusia Pahulu

What is Poverty?


The definition of Poverty is a state of being extremely poor. Poverty can be affected by families who doesn’t have much money as normal wealthy families have. Poor families, usually experience rough situations where they aren't able to manage feed themselves, or have well balanced meals. Family situations usually become poor by not getting paid enough, or not securing employment to support their families.

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Who are my neighbours? By Lusia Pahulu


This week is a special event. It's social justice this week. Our class was focusing on who are our neighbours? We read the parable of the good samaritan, and reflect what has jesus taught us in this parable. Here is a creation I did, of what Jesus taught us!
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Whakatauki Ft Wela


Today, Wela and I have discovered about the Maori Language week.
Whakatauki has a translation and a meaning. The meaning is usually based on Tikanga or history.
Our Whakatauki:
Aroha mai, aroha atu
Love towards us, love going out from us
(Click at my DLO for a better view)